Commit 5400cebe authored by mglaman's avatar mglaman Committed by mglaman

Issue #2922979 by olofbokedal, mglaman, szeidler: Implement contextual links

parent 859fdadd
route_name: entity.profile.edit_form
group: profile
title: Edit
route_name: entity.profile.delete_form
group: profile
title: Delete
weight: 10
......@@ -15,10 +15,13 @@
* - attributes: HTML attributes for the wrapper.
* - profile: The profile object.
* - url: The profile URL, if available.
* - title_suffix: Additional output populated by modules, intended to be
* displayed after the main title tag that appears in the template.
* @ingroup themeable
<div{{ attributes }}>
{{ title_suffix.contextual_links }}
{{ content }}
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