Commit 7ad9ab17 authored by JosefFriedrich's avatar JosefFriedrich Committed by oadaeh

Issue #2110243 by JosefFriedrich, ptmkenny: Fix and complete phpdoc...

Issue #2110243 by JosefFriedrich, ptmkenny: Fix and complete phpdoc documentation for the function privatemsg_get_link()
parent aa4a8f62
......@@ -1966,22 +1966,26 @@ function _privatemsg_send($message) {
* Returns a link to send message form for a specific users.
* Returns a link to the send message form for the specified users.
* Contains permission checks of author/recipient, blocking and
* if a anonymous user is involved.
* Contains checks for permission of the author and recipient(s), blocking, and
* if an anonymous user is involved.
* @param $recipient
* Recipient of the message
* @param $account
* Sender of the message, defaults to the current user
* @param mixed $recipients
* The user object, or an array of user objects, who will be the recipient(s)
* of the message.
* @param object $account
* The user object who will be the author of the message. If no object is
* provided, the current user will be used.
* @param string $subject
* The text for the subject of the message.
* @return
* Either FALSE or a URL string
* @return mixed
* Either FALSE or a URL string.
* @ingroup api
function privatemsg_get_link($recipients, $account = array(), $subject = NULL) {
function privatemsg_get_link($recipients, $account = NULL, $subject = NULL) {
if ($account == NULL) {
global $user;
$account = $user;
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