Commit 83acf5b7 authored by jcnventura's avatar jcnventura

Issue #1251222: remove fatal error when checking TCPDF version having an older version installed.

parent 31a41c0e
Instead of placing the downloaded external libs (such as TCPDF, dompdf,
etc.) used by the print module here, you should place them in
This directory should be used to place the downloaded external libs used by
the print module (such as TCPDF, dompdf, etc.).
This directory is still a valid location for them, however. The Libraries
API module library path is also valid.
......@@ -639,7 +639,12 @@ function _print_pdf_tcpdf_version() {
// Hide warnings, as some TCPDF constants may still be undefined
@$pdf = new TCPDF();
return $pdf->getTCPDFVersion();
if (method_exists($pdf, 'getTCPDFVersion')) {
return $pdf->getTCPDFVersion();
else {
return 'unknown';
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