Commit 759ab621 authored by jcnventura's avatar jcnventura

Issue #1102772: remove link in page title

parent 7ae14099
......@@ -549,6 +549,10 @@ function _print_generate_node($nid, $cid = NULL, $format = PRINT_HTML_FORMAT, $t
$content = render($build);
//Get rid of the annoying D7 title link
$pattern = '!(<h2 property="dc:title" datatype="">)\s*<a [^>]*?>(.*?)</a>\s*(</h2>)!mis';
$content = preg_replace($pattern, '$1$2$3', $content);
//Check URL list settings
$_print_urls = _print_url_list_enabled($node, $format);
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