Commit 4928335f authored by jcnventura's avatar jcnventura

Fix #469458: Web version passes XML 1.0 Strict validation test

parent 7d112578
......@@ -19,11 +19,11 @@
<body<?php print $print['sendtoprinter']; ?>>
<?php if (!empty($print['message'])) {
print '<div class="print-message">'. $print['message'] .'</div><br />';
print '<div class="print-message">'. $print['message'] .'</div><p />';
} ?>
<div class="print-logo"><?php print $print['logo']; ?></div>
<div class="print-site_name"><?php print $print['site_name']; ?></div>
<br />
<p />
<div class="print-breadcrumb"><?php print $print['breadcrumb']; ?></div>
<hr class="print-hr" />
<h1 class="print-title"><?php print $print['title']; ?></h1>
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