Commit 0c5d4b95 authored by jcnventura's avatar jcnventura

Update changelog

Add warning for incompatible mimemail settings
parent 1cc00985
February 5, 2009
Update changelog
Add warning for incompatible mimemail settings
Update last patch to Drupal 7 form API fields
Fix for #364535: add some warnings about incompatibility of custom strings and the localization mechanism
Add explanation of the relation between the type- and node-specific print settings
Updated all translations (Dutch 100% thanks to joostvdl)
February 2, 2009
Fix #365041: node-specific settings not initialized when adding new content
Fix #364535: move custom text strings to separate form to prevent conflicts with the translation mechanism
Fix #366835: support RTL languages in TCPDF generated PDFs
January 21, 2009
Updated french translation by remi
Fix #361107: Ensure that per-node configurations are available for block view use
Revert #349991 until the cause of #359343 can be determined
January 16, 2009
Coder fixes
Update to new hook_block_list and hook_block_view
Moved link code to hook_nodeapi_view and removal of hook_link
January 14, 2009
Add configuration for a default sender message
Update changelog
Fix #349991 by moshe weitzman: Use node build_mode instead of custom property for customizing node fields
Fix #351043: Add specific permission to edit the node-specific settings
......@@ -75,6 +75,27 @@ function print_mail_menu() {
return $items;
* Implementation of hook_requirements().
function print_mail_requirements($phase) {
$requirements = array();
$t = get_t();
switch ($phase) {
case 'runtime':
if (module_exists('mimemail') && variable_get('mimemail_alter', 0) && (variable_get('mimemail_format', FILTER_FORMAT_DEFAULT) != '3')) {
$requirements['print_mail_mimemail'] = array(
'title' => $t('Send by e-mail'),
'value' => l($t('Mime Mail configuration'), 'admin/settings/mimemail'),
'description' => $t("The current configuration of the Mime Mail module creates problems with the 'Send to Friend' function. Please set Mime Mail's input format to 'PHP code' to avoid them."),
return $requirements;
* Implementation of hook_block_list().
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