Commit 6453e0e5 authored by oadaeh's avatar oadaeh

Fixing the message displayed after sending a test messages to be appropriate...

Fixing the message displayed after sending a test messages to be appropriate for both successes and failures.
parent 8f7c632d
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ function phpmailer_settings_form($form, $form_state) {
// If PHPMailer is enabled, send via regular drupal_mail().
if (phpmailer_enabled()) {
drupal_mail('phpmailer', 'test', $test_address, NULL);
$result = drupal_mail('phpmailer', 'test', $test_address, NULL);
// Otherwise, prepare and send the test mail manually.
else {
......@@ -149,12 +149,20 @@ function phpmailer_settings_form($form, $form_state) {
// is enabled, so drupal_mail_send() cannot be used.
// @see drupal_mail_send()
module_load_include('inc', 'phpmailer', 'includes/phpmailer.drupal');
$result = phpmailer_send($message);
drupal_set_message(t('A test e-mail has been sent to %email. <a href="@watchdog-url">Check the logs</a> for any error messages.', array(
$notice = 'A test e-mail has been sent to %email. You might still want to !watchdog-url for possible error messages.';
$replacements = array(
'%email' => $test_address,
'@watchdog-url' => url('admin/reports/dblog'),
'!watchdog-url' => l(t('check the logs'), 'admin/reports/dblog'),
$message_type = 'status';
if (empty($result) || (is_array($result) && empty($result['result']))) {
$notice = 'A test e-mail has NOT been sent to %email. You should !watchdog-url for error messages.';
$message_type = 'error';
drupal_set_message(t($notice, $replacements), $message_type);
$form['test'] = array(
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