Commit 41307c79 authored by dineshw's avatar dineshw Committed by sun

- #2179023 by dineshw, Anybody: Bcc and Cc should be checked for emtpy instead of isset.

parent 71f2b138
......@@ -261,12 +261,12 @@ class DrupalPHPMailer extends PHPMailer implements MailSystemInterface {
$this->AddAddress($address['mail'], $address['name']);
// Extract CCs and BCCs from headers.
if (isset($message['headers']['Cc'])) {
if (!empty($message['headers']['Cc'])) {
foreach (phpmailer_parse_address($message['headers']['Cc']) as $address) {
$this->AddCC($address['mail'], $address['name']);
if (isset($message['headers']['Bcc'])) {
if (!empty($message['headers']['Bcc'])) {
foreach (phpmailer_parse_address($message['headers']['Bcc']) as $address) {
$this->AddBCC($address['mail'], $address['name']);
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