Commit 10d6b470 authored by beloglazov91's avatar beloglazov91 Committed by japerry

Issue #2848146 by beloglazov91: Fix problems related with clearing cache for IPE mini panel

parent 541590d0
......@@ -355,6 +355,9 @@ class panels_renderer_ipe extends panels_renderer_editor {
$buttons = &drupal_static('panels_ipe_toolbar_buttons', array());
$output = theme('panels_ipe_toolbar', array('buttons' => $buttons));
$this->commands[] = ajax_command_replace('#panels-ipe-control-container', $output);
$storage_id = $this->cache->display->storage_id;
cache_clear_all('panels_mini_load:' . $storage_id, 'cache_panels', TRUE);
else {
// Cancelled. Clear the cache.
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