Commit 56cf034f authored by mqanneh's avatar mqanneh Committed by sanduhrs

Issue #2925764 by mqanneh: Add compatibility with most recent Facebook Graph API v2.11

parent 9da99f7d
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ class Facebook extends OpenIDConnectClientBase {
* @var array
protected $versions = [
'v2.10', 'v2.9', 'v2.8', 'v2.7', 'v2.6', 'v2.5', 'v2.4', 'v2.3',
'v2.11', 'v2.10', 'v2.9', 'v2.8', 'v2.7', 'v2.6', 'v2.5', 'v2.4', 'v2.3',
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