Commit 9f54414f authored by justanothermark's avatar justanothermark Committed by amitaibu

Issue #2451857 by justanothermark: Extend og_user_access_entity to support...

Issue #2451857 by justanothermark: Extend og_user_access_entity to support skip_alter and ignore_admin
parent 4edaed4f
......@@ -2218,6 +2218,16 @@ function og_user_access($group_type, $gid, $string, $account = NULL, $skip_alter
* The entity object, or the entity ID.
* @param $account
* (optional) The user object. If empty the current user will be used.
* @param $skip_alter
* (optional) If TRUE then user access will not be sent to other modules
* using drupal_alter(). This can be used by modules implementing
* hook_og_user_access_alter() that still want to use og_user_access(), but
* without causing a recursion. Defaults to FALSE.
* @param $ignore_admin
* (optional) When TRUE the specific permission is checked, ignoring the
* "administer group" permission if the user has it. When FALSE, a user
* with "administer group" will be granted all permissions.
* Defaults to FALSE.
* @return
* Returns TRUE if the user has access to the permission, otherwise FALSE, or
......@@ -2225,7 +2235,7 @@ function og_user_access($group_type, $gid, $string, $account = NULL, $skip_alter
* a distinction between FALSE - no access, and NULL - no access as no OG
* context found.
function og_user_access_entity($perm, $entity_type, $entity, $account = NULL) {
function og_user_access_entity($perm, $entity_type, $entity, $account = NULL, $skip_alter = FALSE, $ignore_admin = FALSE) {
if (empty($account)) {
global $user;
$account = clone $user;
......@@ -2268,7 +2278,7 @@ function og_user_access_entity($perm, $entity_type, $entity, $account = NULL) {
if ($is_group_content && $groups = og_get_entity_groups($entity_type, $entity)) {
foreach ($groups as $group_type => $gids) {
foreach ($gids as $gid) {
if (og_user_access($group_type, $gid, $perm, $account)) {
if (og_user_access($group_type, $gid, $perm, $account, $skip_alter, $ignore_admin)) {
return TRUE;
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