Commit 78da0725 authored by jacob.embree's avatar jacob.embree Committed by alesr
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#1997274 Return docs for og_get_entity_groups() unclear.

parent d16275a0
......@@ -2305,9 +2305,9 @@ function og_user_access_entity($perm, $entity_type, $entity, $account = NULL, $s
* (optional) The field name associated with the group.
* @return
* An array with the group's entity type as the key, and array - keyed by
* the OG membership ID and the group ID as the value. If nothing found,
* then an empty array.
* An associative array keyed by the group's entity type. Each value is itself
* an array, where each item has for its key the OG membership ID and for its
* value the group ID.
function og_get_entity_groups($entity_type = 'user', $entity = NULL, $states = array(OG_STATE_ACTIVE), $field_name = NULL) {
$cache = &drupal_static(__FUNCTION__, array());
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