Commit 751cd1e1 authored by Aron Novak's avatar Aron Novak

.travis.yml: fix sendmail stubbing for newer Drush

parent 23490592
......@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ before_script:
# Create new site, stubbing sendmail path with true to prevent delivery errors
- mysql -e 'CREATE DATABASE drupal'
- php -d sendmail_path=`which true` ~/.composer/vendor/bin/drush --yes core-quick-drupal --core=drupal-7.x --profile=testing --no-server --db-url=mysql://root:@ --enable=simpletest og
- export PHP_OPTIONS="-d sendmail_path=`which true`"
- drush --yes core-quick-drupal --core=drupal-7.x --profile=testing --no-server --db-url=mysql://root:@ --enable=simpletest og
- export DRUPAL_ROOT=og/drupal-7.x
# Reference and enable module in build site
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