Unverified Commit 0b537e7a authored by alesr's avatar alesr Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #384 from Gizra/2542856

og_is_member() documentation incorrectly inform about $states parameter
parents 319f816c 16606d5a
......@@ -2572,8 +2572,8 @@ function og_get_all_group_content_bundle() {
* @param $entity
* The entity object. If empty the current user will be used.
* @param $states
* (optional) Array with the state to return. If empty groups of all state will
* return.
* (optional) Array with the membership states to check against. If omitted
* then only active (OG_STATE_ACTIVE) memberships will be checked.
* @return
* TRUE if the entity (e.g. the user) belongs to a group and is not pending or
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