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Merge pull request #380 from Gizra/2158477

hook_og_permission() does not document its @return
parents d16275a0 4a968a89
......@@ -12,7 +12,28 @@
* Add group permissions.
* Define permissions specific to organic groups.
* This hook can supply permissions that the module defines, so that they can be
* selected on the group permissions page and used to grant or restrict access
* to actions pertaining to groups.
* Permissions are checked using og_user_access().
* @return array
* An array whose keys are permission names and whose corresponding values are
* arrays containg the following key-value pairs:
* - title: The human-readable name of the permission, to be shown on group
* permissions pages. This should be wrapped in the t() function so it can
* be translated.
* - description: (optional) A description of what the permission does. This
* should be wrapped in the t() function so it can be translated.
* - roles: (optional) An array of OG roles to which it is possible to assign
* this permission. The default value is an array containg OG_ANONYMOUS_ROLE
* - default role: (optional) An array of OG roles that should be assigned
* this permission by default. If omitted then no role will receive the
* permission by default.
function hook_og_permission() {
return array(
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