Commit 6a4a5e86 authored by quietone's avatar quietone Committed by heddn

Issue #2914301 by quietone, Olarin: Ensure field_plugin_method are set correctly when exporting

parent 7429feef
......@@ -205,6 +205,7 @@ class MigrateUpgradeDrushRunner {
$entity_array['id'] = $migration_id;
$entity_array['class'] = $migration->get('class');
$entity_array['cck_plugin_method'] = $migration->get('cck_plugin_method');
$entity_array['field_plugin_method'] = $migration->get('field_plugin_method');
$entity_array['migration_group'] = $this->databaseStateKey;
$entity_array['migration_tags'] = $migration->get('migration_tags');
$entity_array['label'] = $migration->get('label');
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