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#1068338 by ygerasimov: added simpletest

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// $Id$
class MenuTokenTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
public $admin_user;
public static function getInfo() {
return array(
'name' => 'Menu Token test',
'description' => 'Create tokenized menu item.',
'group' => 'Menu Token',
* Enable modules and create users with specific permissions.
function setUp() {
parent::setUp('token', 'menu_token');
// Create user and login.
$this->admin_user = $this->drupalCreateUser(array('administer menu'));
* Create menu item and check it works properly.
function testCreateMenuItem() {
// Add new menu item.
$edit = array(
'link_title' => '[current-user:name]',
'link_path' => 'user/[current-user:uid]',
'token_enabled' => TRUE,
$this->drupalPost('admin/structure/menu/manage/user-menu/add', $edit, t('Save'));
// Go to front page and assert menu item exists.
$admin_user = $this->admin_user;
$this->assertLink($admin_user->name, 0, t('Tokenized menu item found by title.'), 'Menu token');
$this->assertLinkByHref('user/' . $admin_user->uid, 0, t('Tokenized menu item found by href.'), 'Menu token');
// Logout and assert that our menu item is not shown to anonymous user.
$this->assertNoLinkByHref('user/0', t('Tokenized link user/[uid] not shown to anonymous user.'), 'Menu token');
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