Unverified Commit fe643be4 authored by damiankloip's avatar damiankloip
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Issue #2996946 by damiankloip: Follow up - Fix MemcacheBackendUnitTest

parent 7bba7982
......@@ -25,7 +25,7 @@ class MemcacheBackendUnitTest extends GenericCacheBackendUnitTestBase {
* A new MemcacheBackend object.
protected function createCacheBackend($bin) {
$factory = new MemcacheBackendFactory($this->container->get('lock'), $this->container->get('memcache.config'), $this->container->get('memcache.factory'), $this->container->get('cache_tags.invalidator.checksum'));
$factory = new MemcacheBackendFactory($this->container->get('memcache.factory'), $this->container->get('cache_tags.invalidator.checksum'));
return $factory->get($bin);
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