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Issue #1472332 by Jeremy, markpavlitski: better explain Binary protocol and TCP_NODELAY

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......@@ -262,7 +262,8 @@ configure memcached in settings.php. Please look here for possible options:
An example configuration block is below, this block also illustrates our
default options. These will be set unless overridden in settings.php.
default options (selected through performance testing). These options will be
set unless overridden in settings.php.
$conf['memcache_options'] = array(
......@@ -271,14 +272,22 @@ $conf['memcache_options'] = array(
These are as follows:
* Turn off compression, as this takes more CPU cycles than its worth for most
* Turn off compression, as this takes more CPU cycles than it's worth for most
* Turn on consistent distribution, which allows you to add/remove servers
If you are using memcached 1.4 or above, you can enable the binary protocol,
which may be faster, by adding the following to settings.php:
$conf['memcache_options'] = array(
Other options you could experiment with:
* This enables the Memcache binary protocol (only available in Memcached
1.4 and later). Note that some users have reported SLOWER performance
with this feature enabled. It should only be enabled on extremely high
traffic networks where memcache network traffic is a bottleneck.
Additional reading about the binary protocol:
+ Memcached::OPT_TCP_NODELAY => TRUE,
* This enables the no-delay feature for connecting sockets; it's been
reported that this can speed up the Binary protocol (see above). This
tells the TCP stack to send packets immediately and without waiting for
a full payload, reducing per-packet network latency (disabling "Nagling").
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