Commit dab8e892 authored by markpavlitski's avatar markpavlitski Committed by Jeremy

Issue #1830496 by markpavlitski: log connect errors in watchdog.

parent a878c955
......@@ -411,16 +411,10 @@ function dmemcache_object($bin = NULL, $flush = FALSE) {
if (!$init) {
// Ensure we use an available t() function.
$t = get_t();
$error_msg = $t(
'Failed to connect to memcache server: %server',
array('%server' => $s)
// We can't use watchdog because this happens in a bootstrap phase
// where watchdog is non-functional. Thus use trigger_error() to
// start drupal_error_handler().
trigger_error($error_msg, E_USER_ERROR);
// where watchdog is non-functional. Register a shutdown handler
// instead so it gets recorded at the end of page load.
register_shutdown_function('watchdog', 'memcache', 'Failed to connect to memcache server: !server', array('!server' => $s), WATCHDOG_ERROR);
$failed_connection_cache[$s] = FALSE;
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