Commit d6502d53 authored by Jeremy's avatar Jeremy

Issue #2210127 by Jeremy: properly use Drupal timers.

parent 44998bac
......@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@ function dmemcache_stats_init() {
* action is being performed on, and whether or not it was a success.
function dmemcache_stats_write($action, $bin, $keys) {
global $_dmemcache_stats, $timers;
global $_dmemcache_stats;
// Determine how much time elapsed to execute this action.
$time = timer_read('dmemcache');
// Build the 'all' and 'ops' arrays displayed by memcache_admin.module.
......@@ -710,5 +710,4 @@ function dmemcache_stats_write($action, $bin, $keys) {
// Reset the dmemcache timer for timing the next memcache operation.
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