Commit c9fe2012 authored by Steve Rude's avatar Steve Rude
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Fixed sess_write logic bug. Need to add to memcache only when we have a non-anonymous user.

parent 0d0fc19e
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ function sess_write($key, $value) {
$in_db = db_num_rows($result);
if(!$in_memcache) {
if(!$in_memcache && $user->uid) {
// Prepare the information to be saved
$info = new stdClass;
$info->sid = $key;
......@@ -79,17 +79,11 @@ function sess_write($key, $value) {
$info->timestamp = time();
$put_in_memcache = dmemcache_set($key, $info, ini_get('session.gc_maxlifetime'), 'session');
// First time the browser sends back the cookie, save to both db and memcache in case of memcache failure
if((!$in_db && !$in_memcache) && ($user->uid || $value || count($_COOKIE))) {
db_query("INSERT INTO {sessions} (sid, uid, cache, hostname, session, timestamp) VALUES ('%s', %d, %d, '%s', '%s', %d)", $key, $user->uid, $user->cache, $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $value, time());
} else {
//TODO look at this again. Do we need to update memcache for any reason? on logout we'll just remove the memcache object
//For now, if memcache is running and the user object is there, why not ignore this for speed?
//db_query("UPDATE {sessions} SET uid = %d, cache = %d, hostname = '%s', session = '%s', timestamp = %d WHERE sid = '%s'", $user->uid, $user->cache, $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $value, time(), $key);
// On memcache_set failure, we update the database
if(!$in_memcache && !$put_in_memcache) {
db_query("UPDATE {sessions} SET uid = %d, cache = %d, hostname = '%s', session = '%s', timestamp = %d WHERE sid = '%s'", $user->uid, $user->cache, $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"], $value, time(), $key);
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