Commit a2e9e386 authored by znerol's avatar znerol Committed by Jeremy

Issue #2361001 by znerol: Page cache never expires if...

Issue #2361001 by znerol: Page cache never expires if authcache_builtin_cache_without_database is enabled
parent 14cbede9
......@@ -32,7 +32,10 @@ class MemCacheDrupal implements DrupalCacheInterface {
// If page_cache_without_database is enabled, we have to manually load the
// $conf array out of cache_bootstrap.
static $variables_loaded = FALSE;
if (!empty($GLOBALS['conf']['page_cache_without_database']) && !$variables_loaded) {
// NOTE: We don't call drupal_get_bootstrap_phase() because this would
// break all 7.x Drupal installations prior to 7.33. For more information
// see
if (drupal_bootstrap(NULL, FALSE) < DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_VARIABLES && !$variables_loaded) {
global $conf;
$variables_loaded = TRUE;
// Try loading variables from cache. If that fails, we have to bootstrap
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