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Issue #1528228 by Jeremy: Using Memcache API with AWS (Amazon) Elasticache

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......@@ -653,3 +653,31 @@ memcache_sasl_username and memcache_sasl_password in settings.php. For example:
$conf['memcache_sasl_username'] = 'yourSASLUsername';
$conf['memcache_sasl_password'] = 'yourSASLPassword';
## Amazon Elasticache
You can use the Drupal Memcache module to talk with Amazon Elasticache, but to
enable Automatic Discovery you must use Amazon's forked version of the PECL
Memcached extension with Dynamic Client Mode enabled.
Their PECL Memcached fork is maintained on GitHub:
If you are using PHP 7 you need to select the php7 branch of their project.
Once the extension is installed, you can enable Dynamic Client Mode as follows:
$conf['memcache_options'] = array(
You then configure the module normally. Amazon explains:
"If you use Automatic Discovery, you can use the cluster's configuration
endpoint to configure your Memcached client."
If you don't want to use Automatic Discovery you don't need to install the
forked PECL extension, Amazon explains:
"If you don't use Automatic Discovery, you must configure your client to use
the individual node endpoints for reads and writes. You must also keep track
of them as you add and remove nodes."
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