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......@@ -21,12 +21,15 @@ is important.
1. Install the memcached binaries on your server and start the memcached
service. Follow best practices for securing the service; for example,
lock it down so only your web servers can make connections.
lock it down so only your web servers can make connections. Find community
maintained documentation with a number of walk-throughs for various
operating systems at
2. Install your chosen PECL memcache extension -- this is the memcache client
library which will be used by the Drupal memcache module to interact with
the memcached server(s). Generally PECL memcache (3.0.6+) is recommended,
but PECL memcached (2.0.1+) also works well for some people. There are
known issues with older version.
known issues with older versions. Refer to the community maintained
documentation referenced above for more information.
3. Put your site into offline mode.
4. Download and install the memcache module.
5. If you have previously been running the memcache module, run update.php.
......@@ -52,10 +55,6 @@ is important.
Call to undefined function module_list()".
10. Bring your site back online.
For more detailed instructions on (1) and (2) above, please see the
documentation online on which includes links to external
walk-throughs for various operating systems.
## DRUSH ##
Enable the memcache module at admin/modules or with 'drush en memcache', then
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