Commit 5bff8e5c authored by catch's avatar catch

Issue #1131370 by Berdir: Fixed Segment wildcard counts by $string[0].

parent 40a96072
......@@ -321,6 +321,8 @@ class MemCacheDrupal implements DrupalCacheInterface {
// along with cache consistency.
if ($length < $key_length) {
$this->wildcard_flushes[$this->bin] = array();
$this->variable_set("cache_flush_$this->bin", time());
$this->cache_flush = time();
$key = substr($cid, 0, $key_length);
$this->wildcard_flushes[$this->bin][$key][$length] = $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'];
......@@ -335,6 +335,49 @@ class MemCacheClearCase extends MemcacheTestCase {
$this->assertFalse($this->checkCacheExists('test_cid_2', $this->default_value), 'Cache item was cleared successfully.');
* Test different wildcards to verify the wildcard optimizations.
function testWildCardOptimizations() {
// Set and clear a cache with a short cid/wildcard.
cache_set('foo:1', $this->default_value, $this->default_bin);
$this->assertCacheExists(t('Foo cache was set.'), $this->default_value, 'foo:1');
cache_clear_all('foo', $this->default_bin, TRUE);
$this->assertCacheRemoved(t('Foo cache was invalidated.'), 'foo:1');
// Set additional longer caches.
cache_set('foobar', $this->default_value, $this->default_bin);
cache_set('foofoo', $this->default_value, $this->default_bin);
$this->assertCacheExists(t('Foobar cache set.'), $this->default_value, 'foobar');
$this->assertCacheExists(t('Foofoo cache set.'), $this->default_value, 'foofoo');
// Clear one of them with a wildcard and make sure the other one is still
// valid.
cache_clear_all('foobar', $this->default_bin, TRUE);
$this->assertCacheRemoved(t('Foobar cache invalidated.'), 'foobar');
$this->assertCacheExists(t('Foofoo cache still valid.'), $this->default_value, 'foofoo');
// Set and clear a cache with a different, equally short cid/wildcard.
cache_set('bar:1', $this->default_value, $this->default_bin);
$this->assertCacheExists(t('Bar cache was set.'), $this->default_value, 'bar:1');
cache_clear_all('bar', $this->default_bin, TRUE);
$this->assertCacheRemoved(t('Bar cache invalidated.'), 'bar:1');
$this->assertCacheExists(t('Foofoo cache still valid.'), $this->default_value, 'foofoo');
// Clear cache with an even shorter wildcard. This results in a full bin
// bin clear, all entries are marked invalid.
cache_set('bar:2', $this->default_value, $this->default_bin);
cache_clear_all('ba', $this->default_bin, TRUE);
$this->assertCacheRemoved(t('Bar:1 cache invalidated.'), 'bar:1');
$this->assertCacheRemoved(t('Bar:2 cache invalidated.'), 'bar:2');
$this->assertCacheRemoved(t('Foofoo cache invalidated.'), 'foofoo');
* Test clearing using a cid.
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