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The two-tiered variable system (which was designed to support a configuration...

The two-tiered variable system (which was designed to support a configuration GUI) is now gone. All memcache related configuration must be done in settings.php. The GUI will assist in generating pastable text which can be copied into settings.php. The bootstrap order problems that the two-tiered system created are nearly insurmountable and not worth the effort.
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......@@ -128,10 +128,6 @@ function dmemcache_object($bin = NULL, $flush = FALSE) {
// Values from settings.php
$memcache_servers = variable_get('memcache_servers', array('' => 'default'));
$memcache_bins = variable_get('memcache_bins', array('cache' => 'default'));
// Merge overrides from memcache.module
$memcache_servers = array_merge($memcache_servers, array_diff(variable_get('memcache_servers_custom', array()), $memcache_servers));
$memcache_bins = array_merge($memcache_bins, array_diff(variable_get('memcache_bins_custom', array()), $memcache_bins));
// If there is no cluster for this bin in $memcache_bins, cluster is 'default'.
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