Commit 0f26bf60 authored by Jeremy's avatar Jeremy

Issue #2757895: dmemcache_object() should log the bin being accessed on connection error

parent d07554d8
......@@ -716,7 +716,7 @@ function dmemcache_connect($memcache, $server, $connection) {
$rc = @$memcache->connect($host, $port);
if (!empty($php_errormsg)) {
register_shutdown_function('watchdog', 'memcache', 'Exception caught in dmemcache_object: !msg', array('!msg' => $php_errormsg), WATCHDOG_WARNING);
register_shutdown_function('watchdog', 'memcache', 'Exception caught in dmemcache_connect while connecting to !host:!port: !msg', array('!host' => $host, '!port' => $port, '!msg' => $php_errormsg), WATCHDOG_WARNING);
$php_errormsg = '';
ini_set('track_errors', $track_errors);
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