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    by aaron: Wrap js with (function($) {})(jQuery); for library compatibility. · ea19cfb0
    aaronwinborn authored
    by aaron: Add settings to each js behavior.
    by aaron: Convert js behavior selection to once().
    by aaron: Add attach methods to js behaviors.
    by aaron: Attach css & js to form using #attached element.
    by aaron: Convert class #attributes to arrays.
    by aaron: Fix php notices for $registration['callbacks']['resource'].
    by aaron: Update parameters to theme('image') call for d7.
    by aaron: Update parameters to theme('item_list') calls for d7.
    by aaron: Set static cache in media_get_fields() and fix notices for isset.
    by aaron: In media_get_registered_modules() fix notices for isset.
    by aaron: In media_active_fields_for_node_type() grab field info for d7.
    by aaron: Use file_get_field_list() to get a listing of node type's filefields.
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