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    Issue #1086958 by effulgentsia: Use FileEntity instead of Media Entity. ... · 9510e4c9
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    Issue #1086958 by effulgentsia: Use FileEntity instead of Media Entity.  Redefine the way files are formatted in Drupal, cold fusion, etc
    adding a todo for issue http://drupal.org/node/1086966
    Call up 'file' entities instead of 'media' entities in field_* calls; make the core file entity fieldable.
    remove some hook_file_CRUD() implementations that are not necessary when we already have the file entity object. make sure that our file entity objects always have a bundle key set when we need it.
    Make sure that file entities have a media bundle key ('type') set.
    Fully removed definition of media entity. Now, we just have hook_entity_info_alter() for file entity.
    Removed creation of file field on file entity. Will replace with 'extra_field'. Also removed dependency on Styles module. Will replace with lightweight formatter routing.
    Removed file_usage_delete() hack made unnecessary by removing self-referential file field from the file entity. Also, made 'file' an 'extra_field' so it can be weighted in Field UI.
    Removed media_load() and media_load_multiple() functions, since they're now redundant with file_load() and file_load_multiple(). Also, replaced calls to entity_load() with file_load_multiple().
    Removed media_file_load() and media_entity_load(). They're unnecessary, as 'type' is automatically populated by virtue of being in the {file_managed} table. And we want loads to be as fast as possible, so removing stack calls helps.
    Removing MediaEntityController. Hasn't been necessary for a while now, and especially with the move to file entities.
    Unrelated to entity reorganization, but adding comment about why this redundant file is here.
    Add a file_entity_api module to contain just the code needed for file entities to be fieldable and viewable. Will move the relevant Media code into here.
    Initial migration of some code from Media to File Entity API
    Added admin page for getting to the Field UI of a file type.
    Removing "api" from file_entity modules, since a bare-bones UI is needed too.
    Removing "api" from file_entity modules, since a bare-bones UI is needed too.
    Doc cleanup
    Some code organization cleanup
    Much of the scaffolding for displaying a file entity. Now we just need to implement a UI for the 'file-displays' configuration page.
    Doc and API cleanup
    Added 'file-displays' UI
    Fleshed out the API for assigning $file->type.
    Yay. Full add/view/edit workflow is functional!
    Updated file_entity_test.info to reflect dependency on file_entity.
    Weird. Fieldsets without #weight can't participate in vertical tabs?
    A bunch of Media module cleanup to work with new File Entity module. Probably still not working yet though.
    Media field is working!
    Moved image file formatter into file_entity module. Added file formatter bridge to file field formatters.
    Added tester module for Media Youtube integration.
    Ensuring that $file->type is never null, since Field API doesn't like it when bundle keys are null.
    Removed old Media code that deals with NULL file types. File Entity now handles that.
    Update function for switching to File Entity
    Reinstated Media code that nags the administrator about files with missing types.
    Missing type is now signified by empty string, not NULL.
    Declaring all media view modes to have custom settings, as it effectively used to via prior media_enable() implementation.
    Added default processing and better wysiwyg integration when Styles module not enabled.
    Minor cleanup
    Minor comments tweaking.
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