Commit 86cefbbe authored by richard.thomas's avatar richard.thomas Committed by joseph.olstad

by richard.thomas, joseph.olstad: change url filtering from blacklist to...

by richard.thomas, joseph.olstad: change url filtering from blacklist to whitelist and add simpletest for special use case.
parent 7153e0d5
......@@ -1213,19 +1213,18 @@ function media_set_browser_params() {
// @see hook_media_browser_params_alter()
$params = drupal_get_query_parameters();
$insecure_settings = array(
// Filter out everything except a whitelist of known safe options.
$safe_options = array(
// Filter out insecure_settings.
foreach(array_keys($params) as $key) {
if (in_array($key, $insecure_settings)) {
$params = array_intersect_key($params, array_flip($safe_options));
// Retrieve the security sensitive options from the cache.
if (!empty($params['options']) && is_string($params['options']) && $options = cache_get('media_options:' . $params['options'], 'cache_form')) {
......@@ -927,6 +927,47 @@ class MediaElementSettingsTestCase extends MediaFileFieldTestCase {
* Tests that insecure settings are not processed when sent via query parameters.
function testBrowserInsecureQueryParameters() {
// Test file directory override.
$path = file_unmanaged_save_data('directorytest', 'temporary://directorytest.txt');
$data = array('files[upload]' => drupal_realpath($path));
$this->drupalPost('media/browser', $data, t('Upload'), array('query' => array('file_directory' => 'insecure_upload')));
// Verify that the file was placed in the normal public:// path instead of the folder we specified.
$this->assertFalse(is_file('public://insecure_upload/directorytest.txt'), 'File was not uploaded to the directory specified in the query parameters.');
$this->assertTrue(is_file('public://directorytest.txt'), 'File was uploaded to the default public directory.');
// Test file_extensions override.
$path = file_unmanaged_save_data('extensiontest', 'temporary://extensiontest.exe');
$data = array('files[upload]' => drupal_realpath($path));
$this->drupalPost('media/browser', $data, t('Upload'), array('query' => array('file_extensions' => 'exe')));
$this->assertFalse(is_file('public://extensiontest.exe'), 'File with extension passed via query parameter was not uploaded.');
// Test max_filesize override.
variable_set('file_entity_max_filesize', '8 bytes');
$path = file_unmanaged_save_data('maxfilesize', 'temporary://maxfilesize.txt');
$data = array('files[upload]' => drupal_realpath($path));
$this->drupalPost('media/browser', $data, t('Upload'), array('query' => array('max_filesize' => '100 bytes')));
$this->assertFalse(is_file('public://maxfilesize.txt'), 'File larger than max file size was not uploaded with larger query parameter.');
// Test uri_scheme override.
$path = file_unmanaged_save_data('urischeme', 'temporary://urischeme.txt');
$data = array('files[upload]' => drupal_realpath($path));
$this->drupalPost('media/browser', $data, t('Upload'), array('query' => array('uri_scheme' => 'private')));
$this->assertFalse(is_file('private://urischeme.txt'), 'File was not uploaded to scheme set in URL.');
$this->assertTrue(is_file('public://urischeme.txt'), 'File was uploaded to default scheme instead of scheme set in URL.');
// Test upload_validators override.
$path = file_unmanaged_save_data('uploadvalidators', 'temporary://uploadvalidators.txt');
$data = array('files[upload]' => drupal_realpath($path));
$this->drupalPost('media/browser', $data, t('Upload'), array('query' => array('upload_validators' => array('file_move' => array('public://exploit.php')))));
$this->assertFalse(is_file('public://exploit.php'), 'file_move() was not triggered by upload_validators parameter.');
$this->assertTrue(is_file('public://uploadvalidators.txt'), 'File was uploaded without triggering file_move().');
* Tests the media file field widget settings.
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