Commit 3229f0e9 authored by Sagar Ramgade's avatar Sagar Ramgade Committed by olstjos

Issue #2486599 by Sagar Ramgade, joseph.olstad: missing square_thumbnail...

Issue #2486599 by Sagar Ramgade, joseph.olstad: missing square_thumbnail causes Broken images in media browser and file/thumbnail
parent d6c058c9
......@@ -949,7 +949,7 @@ function media_update_7211() {
// Clear the image cache to remove any old image styles that only exist in
// code.
cache_clear_all('*', 'cache_image', TRUE);
cache_clear_all('image_styles', 'cache_image', TRUE);
// Check if the square_thumbnail image style exists.
// The style will only exist if the user has customized it, otherwise it would
......@@ -1207,3 +1207,10 @@ function media_update_7226() {
user_role_grant_permissions($rid, array('access media browser'));
* Make sure that the image style square_thumbnail is created.
function media_update_7227() {
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