Commit 1e0c3744 authored by adr_p's avatar adr_p Committed by joseph.olstad

Issue #2857833 by adr_p: No plugins for Search API based views

parent 7b0166c7
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ function media_views_plugins() {
if (module_exists('search_api')) {
// If the Search API module exists, also allow indices of the file-entity
// that has the fid field indexed.
$indices = search_api_index_load_multiple(NULL);
$indices = search_api_index_load_multiple(FALSE);
foreach ($indices as $machine_name => $index) {
if ($index->item_type == 'file' && isset($index->options['fields']['fid'])) {
$base[] = 'search_api_index_' . $machine_name;
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