Commit 197a7ec2 authored by heddn's avatar heddn Committed by joseph.olstad

Issue #1792738 by heddn, fengtan, aaron, joseph.olstad, Devin Carlson, azinck,...

Issue #1792738 by heddn, fengtan, aaron, joseph.olstad, Devin Carlson, azinck, mstrelan, iwayMan, klokie, Mirabuck, Rob_Feature, mansspams, mrfelton, DamienMcKenna, circuscowboy, alexito, Tom.Camp, gmclelland: Allow custom file view modes for WYSIWYG display
parent dc27c2e0
...@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ function media_wysiwyg_format_form_view_mode(&$form, $form_state, $file) { ...@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ function media_wysiwyg_format_form_view_mode(&$form, $form_state, $file) {
$form['preview'] = array(); $form['preview'] = array();
$form['preview']['#prefix'] = '<div class="media-item"><div class="media-thumbnail">'; $form['preview']['#prefix'] = '<div class="media-item"><div class="media-thumbnail">';
$form['preview']['#suffix'] = '</div><div class="label-wrapper"><label class="media-filename">' . $file->filename . '</label></div></div>'; $form['preview']['#suffix'] = '</div><div class="label-wrapper"><label class="media-filename">' . check_plain($file->filename) . '</label></div></div>';
$form['preview']['thumbnail'] = file_view_file($file, $view_mode); $form['preview']['thumbnail'] = file_view_file($file, $view_mode);
$form['preview']['thumbnail']['#prefix'] = '<div id="media-preview">'; $form['preview']['thumbnail']['#prefix'] = '<div id="media-preview">';
$form['preview']['thumbnail']['#suffix'] = '</div>'; $form['preview']['thumbnail']['#suffix'] = '</div>';
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