Commit 017dd754 authored by git's avatar git Committed by joseph.olstad

Issue #2832384 by LittleRedHen: media_vimeo and media_wysiwyg tokenhandling broken

parent 5f6a0332
......@@ -174,40 +174,31 @@
replacePlaceholderWithToken: function(content) {;
// Replace all media placeholders with their JSON macro representations.
// There are issues with using jQuery to parse the WYSIWYG content (see
//, and parsing HTML with regular
// expressions is a terrible idea (see
// WYSIWYG editors act wacky with complex placeholder markup anyway, so an
// image is the most reliable and most usable anyway: images can be moved by
// dragging and dropping, and can be resized using interactive handles.
// Media requests a WYSIWYG place holder rendering of the file by passing
// the wysiwyg => 1 flag in the settings array when calling
// media_get_file_without_label().
// Finds the media-element class.
var classRegex = 'class=[\'"][^\'"]*?media-element';
// Image tag with the media-element class.
var regex = '<img[^>]+' + classRegex + '[^>]*?>';
// Or a span with the media-element class (used for documents).
// \S\s catches any character, including a linebreak; JavaScript does not
// have a dotall flag.
regex += '|<span[^>]+' + classRegex + '[^>]*?>[\\S\\s]+?</span>';
var matches = content.match(RegExp(regex, 'gi'));
if (matches) {
for (i = 0; i < matches.length; i++) {
var markup = matches[i];
// Locate and process all the media placeholders in the WYSIWYG content.
var contentElements = $('<div/>').html(content); // TODO: once baseline jQuery is 1.8+, switch to using $.parseHTML(content)
var mediaElements = contentElements.find('.media-element');
if (mediaElements) {
$(mediaElements).each(function (i) {
// Attempt to derive a JSON macro representation of the media placeholder.
// Note: Drupal 7 ships with JQuery 1.4.4, which allows $(this).attr('outerHTML') to retrieve the eement's HTML,
// but many sites use JQuery update to increate this to 1.6+, which insists on $(this).prop('outerHTML).
// Until the minimum jQuery is >= 1.6, we need to do this the old-school way.
// See
var markup = $(this).get(0).outerHTML;
if (markup === undefined) {
// Browser does not support outerHTML DOM property. Use the more expensive clone method instead.
markup = $(this).clone().wrap('<div>').parent().html();
var macro =$(markup));
// If we have a truthy response, store the macro and perform the
// replacement.
if (macro) {
// Replace the placeholder with the macro in the parsed content.
// (Can't just replace the string section, because the outerHTML may be subtly different,
// depending on the browser. Parsing tends to convert <img/> to <img>, for instance.)
Drupal.settings.tagmap[macro] = markup;
content = content.replace(markup, macro);
content = $(contentElements).html();
return content;
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