Commit 019d0390 authored by tassilogroeper's avatar tassilogroeper Committed by anon

Issue #2805239 by tassilogroeper, anon: Uppercase and External links not working as expected

parent c5d18d2b
......@@ -75,9 +75,9 @@ class AutocompleteController implements ContainerInjectionInterface {
public function autocomplete(Request $request, $linkit_profile_id) {
$this->linkitProfile = $this->linkitProfileStorage->load($linkit_profile_id);
$string = Unicode::strtolower($request->query->get('q'));
$string = $request->query->get('q');
$suggestionCollection = $this->suggestionManager->getSuggestions($this->linkitProfile, $string);
$suggestionCollection = $this->suggestionManager->getSuggestions($this->linkitProfile, Unicode::strtolower($string));
* If there are no suggestions from the matcher plugins, we have to add a
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