Commit 4acf3a86 authored by yukare's avatar yukare

Issue #1235284 by FatGuyLaughing: Undefined index file_entity_file_display_form

parent 4757f783
......@@ -1312,12 +1312,12 @@ function lightbox2_file_formatter_info() {
return array(
'lightbox2_iframe' => array(
'suitability callback' => 'lightbox2_check_filefield_extension',
'title' => t('Lightbox2 iframe'),
'label' => t('Lightbox2 iframe'),
'description' => t('Displays all kinds of files in a popup lightbox in an iframe.'),
'lightbox2_image' => array(
'suitability callback' => 'lightbox2_check_filefield_image_extension',
'title' => t('Lightbox2 image'),
'label' => t('Lightbox2 image'),
'description' => t('Displays image files in a popup lightbox.'),
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