Commit a6594045 authored by mark_fullmer's avatar mark_fullmer Committed by joseph.olstad

Issue #2779591 by mark_fullmer, cglauren, joseph.olstad, svenryen, szeidler,...

Issue #2779591 by mark_fullmer, cglauren, joseph.olstad, svenryen, szeidler, maximpodorov, robertgarrigos, tstoeckler, Ace Cooper, efpapado, Manuel Garcia, Kris77, nikolabintev, osopolar, bkosborne, caminadaf, dscl: Fix PHP 7.x warning caused by Version Callback functions that pass parameters by reference not permitted in PHP 7
parent bc427ef0
......@@ -576,7 +576,7 @@ function libraries_detect($name = NULL) {
$library['version'] = call_user_func_array($library['version callback'], array_merge(array($library), $library['version arguments']));
else {
$library['version'] = call_user_func($library['version callback'], $library, $library['version arguments']);
$library['version'] = call_user_func_array($library['version callback'], array(&$library, $library['version arguments']));
if (empty($library['version'])) {
$library['error'] = 'not detected';
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