Commit 55d2bf18 authored by Valentine94's avatar Valentine94 Committed by Valentine94
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Issue #3200403 by Valentine94: Allow configure step for Download operation in Media field

parent bb11416d
......@@ -438,11 +438,6 @@ class IbDamEbWidget extends WidgetBase {
$assets = $form_state->get('assets') ?? $this->getAssets($form_state);
$browser = $form_state->get('browser') ?? $form['widget']['ib_dam_app_el'];
// Skip second step for non-embed assets.
if (!reset($assets) instanceof EmbedAssetInterface) {
$step = 'configure';
// For the process step just store required data and rebuild the form.
if ($step === 'process') {
// Update step.
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