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  • BOA-2.0.2-log
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  • BOA-2.0.2
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  • BOA-2.0.3
  • BOA-2.0.4
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  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha4   tentative 0.4 alpha4 release
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha5   alpha5 release
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha6   This is the sixth alpha of the 0.4 release of the Aegir hosting system. The focus of this release was to refactor the hosting front end to more cleanly map to the multi-server requirements for this major release. * #344967 - Refactored the data model of the server node types. Introduced the concept of 'services' and created a new services api for extending servers. * #558450 - platform access control / permissions - Platform management. You can now configure who is able to see platforms, as well as lock them from having further sites created on them. * #602128 - you can also delete platforms once all sites have been moved off of them, and the platform files on the server will be removed. * #719704 - Missing /files/tmp in d6 * #712016 - Grants on remote database server are now correctly generated. * #716166 - Reshuffled the apache config file directory. THIS REQUIRES A MANUAL UPGRADE STEP TO COMPLETE. SEE UPGRADE.TXT! * #497522 - Make apache return a 404 error for any sites it does not manage. * #710652 - Fix replacement of filepath in files table for the deploy task (i.e Cloned sites) * #701792 - Fix to be able to completely remove aliases from a site * The INSTALL and UPGRADE documentation (including HINTS files) and install.sh script have been moved into the Provision module
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha7   This is the seventh alpha of the 0.4 release of the Aegir hosting system. The focus of this release has been on stability and bug fixes. * #731550 - set the default db server to be that of the web server now that the nodes have merged * #724498 provide help info explaining why it might be useful to set the queue dispatch frequency to every 1 second * fix for #725952 - always show all enabled platforms for uid 1. Only show the platform access control checkboxes if the Client feature is enabled, as that's only when it'd really be required * fix for hostmaster upgrade path from 6.15 to 6.16 * disable the ability to run the lock or delete task on the default platform. another platform will need to be made the default before this occurs, else the site form becomes more crazy than mig5. Probably will need end-user documentation to suit. * #752700 - display last executed time on task list * #732676 - sort platforms alphabetically * #726756 - fix to send welcome mail to clients * #674916 - fix default values for SSL form, don't fiddle with the port when changing SSL settings since it's ignored in the backend anyways * #758682 - prevent a site from being cloned to a locked platform. introduce a hosting_platform_is_locked helper function for that sort of thing. hide bits of forms as a result. * #764410 - change wording to be non migrate-specific to account for clone * don't save the unprivileged db user/pass to the db server as superuser credentials. to avoid the misleading information causing the most common user error in the next alpha that will still have a forms-based hostmaster profile * Some documentation fixes to the INSTALL.txt
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha8   The Aegir project is proud to announce the eighth alpha of our 0.4 release cycle. Adrian and Neil have been working like crazy on the also crazy multi-server developpment branch(es) for a while and they are getting stable enough so that we can merge with the master development branch. Not stable enough, however, to not warrant a nice and routine release for you people to bundle the quiet but stable fixes we have been doing during that time. So here's the last release before we go on the multi-server development spree for good. This release focuses on stability and bug fixes but also introduces the "rename site" functionality.
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha9   0.4 alpha9 release.
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha10   This release contains several important bugfixes found in alpha 9. There were also a number of problems found in Drush 3.1 and Drush 3.2, which required a release of Drush 3.3 to be made to support this release.
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha11   0.4 alpha 11 release. Fixes upgrade path for users of alpha 9 and later.
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha12   Just in time for our drupalcon presentation, the aegir project would like to present our 0.4 alpha 12 release. This release was primarily about cleaning up file permission problems related to the last fixes, and also improving our views 2 support. We as usual bundle a bunch of bugfixes and a few new features.
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha13   The Aegir project present our 0.4 alpha 13 release. This release is primarily a bug fix release, fixing the site imports which have been causing issues with alpha 12. New in this release is the ability to specify a makefile when you create a platform, which can be either a file on the hostmaster filesystem or a URL. Aegir will automatically build the platform from the specified makefile when it attempts to verify the path, and detects that it is not there. Features: Tasks: Bugfixes:
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  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha14   The Aegir project would like to present our 0.4 alpha 14 release. This release is primarily a bug fix release, fixing yet more problems relating to site imports, but more importantly restoring the redirect functionality that was disabled in the previous alphas. It also contains some code cleanup and drupal 7 compatibility fixes. This is the final release before the DNS feature branch is merged in. Bugfixes: -- The Aegir Project
  • hostmaster-0.4-alpha15   Tagging for 0.4-alpha15 release
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  • hostmaster-0.4-beta1   This primarily a bug fix release, but also new features that were the last targets for the 0.4 release goals. The beta marks the beginning of the final cycle in the release of the 0.4 branch. We consider this release to be mostly feature complete. It still has bugs and problems, but since we are using it in production, we feel it's more appropriate to call it a beta, to invite wider testing and stabilise the codebase. This is also an opportunity to test the upgrade path from pre alpha9 releases, which seem to be suffering from bitrot. You should be able to upgrade to this release from 0.3 and above. Key changes in 0.4-beta1 * Installer now support remote db servers (#973910) * Some work was done to improve the usability of the hostmaster-install command, which should be usable out of the box once provision and drush are installed * By default, we setup local MySQL server to user sockets, which creates a separate server but improves security significantly, as we do not force people to open their database server to the network (#977024) * The upgrade path for pre-alpha9 releases has been fixed
  • hostmaster-0.4-beta2   This is the second beta release of Aegir 0.4. This release contains primarily bug fixes and a few new changes that require testing and feedback from our community of users.
  • hostmaster-0.4-rc1   0.4-rc1