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      do not save the task in hosting-tasks, only in hosting-task · 1d56fc98
      anarcat authored
      we are already saving the task in hosting-task. the reason why we were
      saving in both places was to avoid a race condition where a task would
      be started *while* the dispatcher would restart, which is very unlikely,
      and was still possible with the existing code anyways.
      now the checks are done only in hosting-task. it's more possible to have
      a conflicting concurrent run of a task, but both runs would need to
      start at about the same time so that the _validate() drush hooks would
      run in parallel and both would check and save the task status at once.
      i consider this too unlikely to desserve the current hack.
      furthermore, the problem with the current code was that if the
      hosting-task command was interrupted (for example through
      provision_init() load checks) before it was able to save the status, we
      end up with zombie tasks that are marked as running but that are gone
      from the process table (because they never started properly).
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      display a link to the parent node in _hosting_task_list() · e7c803b8
      anarcat authored
      this way the display is similar in the queue block and the general
      task list
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      don't start more than N tasks in parallel · caf5550c
      anarcat authored
      this should help with #559006 and other critical situations where we
      would get a server meltdown under high load.
      this also features an API change: it's the queues that specify the
      number of running items, not the dispatcher, so we now have a
      running_items parameter to the queue (just like we have a total_items)
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      #500362 - don't run queue if it's already running · d5f3680e
      anarcat authored
      this implements a crude but simple dispatcher lock, per queue
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      fix dispatcher log · 17eb7c5e
      anarcat authored
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