Commit 9d381265 authored by Steven Jones's avatar Steven Jones

Issue #1113858 by Steven Jones: Beef up documentation of hook_post_hosting_TASK_TYPE_task.

parent f11757b9
......@@ -260,7 +260,11 @@ function hook_provision_args($task, $task_type) {
* Perform actions when a task has completed succesfully.
* Replace TASK_TYPE with the type of task that if completed you will be
* notified of.
* notified of. This is a good place to hook in and record changes in the
* frontend as a result of the task executing in the backend. If you just want
* to hook into the backend then you probably want to consider using the
* 'standard' Drush hooks there, i.e. host_post_provision_verify(),
* hook_post_provision_install() etc.
* @param $task
* The hosting task that has completed.
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