Commit bde317e6 authored by paalj's avatar paalj

Disabled dev mode because of bugs found during release-testing

parent 6ce7d9b0
......@@ -61,12 +61,16 @@ function h5p_admin_settings() {
'#description' => t("With this feature enabled content.json will be read from file. Changes to the content made using the editor won't be visible when this mode is actice."),
$form['h5p_library_development'] = array(
* Devmode disabled because of bugs found before release.
* Will be fixed and released in the next version (beta 26)
* $form['h5p_library_development'] = array(
'#type' => 'checkbox',
'#title' => t('Enable library development directory'),
'#default_value' => variable_get('h5p_library_development', 0),
'#description' => t('Check to enabled development of libraries in the %dev folder.', array('%dev' => file_directory_path() . '/' . variable_get('h5p_default_path', 'h5p') . '/development')),
// Make changes to the settings before passing them off to
// system_settings_form_submit().
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