Commit b90f1667 authored by solotandem's avatar solotandem

Issue #3081007 Add update 8102 to install the container configuration entity type.

  This alerts entity type listeners and inserts a row in the key_value table
    (the latter prevents an 'error' on the status report page).
parent 4b32fe85
......@@ -141,3 +141,15 @@ function google_tag_update_8101(&$sandbox) {
return t('Converted config item to separate settings and container config items');
* Install the container configuration entity type.
function google_tag_update_8102(&$sandbox) {
$type_manager = \Drupal::entityTypeManager();
$entity_type = $type_manager->getDefinition('google_tag_container');
return t('Installed the google_tag_container entity type');
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