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Further update tests for new result from webservice

parent 665a8b8e
......@@ -125,8 +125,8 @@ class GeoNamesAllTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
$this->assertEqual($results->results[0]['name'], 'Earth', t('Found "Earth" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
$this->assertEqual($results->results[1]['name'], 'Europe', t('Found "Europe" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
$this->assertEqual($results->results[2]['name'], 'Switzerland', t('Found "Switzerland" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
$this->assertEqual($results->results[3]['name'], 'Kanton St. Gallen', t('Found "Kanton St. Gallen" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
$this->assertEqual($results->results[$results->total_results_count - 1]['geonameid'], 6559633, t('Found (geonameid) "6559633" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
$this->assertEqual($results->results[3]['name'], 'Saint Gallen', t('Found "Saint Gallen" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
$this->assertEqual($results->results[$results->total_results_count - 1]['geonameid'], 7910950, t('Found (geonameid) "7910950" from "extendedFindNearby" B'));
// Test the "extendedFindNearby" service : ocean
$query = array('lat' => 40.78343, 'lng' => -43.96625);
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