Commit cb0a859a authored by kiz_0987's avatar kiz_0987

bugfix: need to filter images before chunking the grid array

parent 8523c605
......@@ -292,9 +292,9 @@ function template_preprocess_gallery_block_image_block(&$variables) {
function template_preprocess_gallery_block_grid_block(&$variables) {
$images = _gallery_block_split_imageblock($variables['content']);
$images = array_chunk($images, $variables['num_cols']);
// Filter the images
array_walk($images, 'filter_xss_admin');
$images = array_chunk($images, $variables['num_cols']);
// Leave the whole content in in case themes want to do more formatting,
// but filter it for security.
$variables['content'] = filter_xss_admin($variables['content']);
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