Commit a8e806a8 authored by walkah's avatar walkah

add missing <script> tags when G2 includes javascript.

Patch by tdobes (closes #16928 )
parent 57ec06e3
......@@ -207,7 +207,9 @@ function gallery_page() {
if (!$result['isDone']) {
list($title, $css, $javascript) = GalleryEmbed::parseHead($result['headHtml']);
if (!empty($javascript)) {
drupal_set_html_head('<script type="text/javascript">'. implode("\n",$javascript) .'</script>');
// hack to cleanup matrix when embedded
drupal_set_html_head('<style type="text/css">#gsAlbumContents, #gsOtherContents { width : 98%; }</style>');
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