Commit 57ec06e3 authored by walkah's avatar walkah

initial commit of the gallery2 integration module

Installation Instructions
1.) Install Gallery 2 and Drupal (see their respective installation
2.) Copy gallery.module to your drupal modules/ directory.
3.) Enable the gallery module in administer -> modules in your drupal
4.) Enable the "Gallery Navigation" block in administer -> blocks. (You
can optionally also enable the "Gallery Image Block").
The "Gallery Navigation" block is required.
Note: this is beta software, so it might not always work. If you have
questions or problems contact:
James Walker <>
This is an integration module for gallery2
NOTE: Gallery 2 is still alpha software (use at your own risk)
* Gallery 2 CVS HEAD (from 2004-01-24 or later)
* Drupal 4.5.x or later
For installation instructions please see INSTALL.txt
James Walker <>
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