Commit d0691f82 authored by David Metzler's avatar David Metzler
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Fixed error in error reporting for postgres.

parent 6b5bd428
* @file
* Oracle specific driver that takes advantage of oracles native XML support
* Postgres specific driver that takes advantage of native XML support
* In order to take advantage of XML support the following XML
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ class FrxPostgres extends FrxDataSource {
if (!$this->block_name) {
$short = t('%e', array('%e' => $text));
} else {
$short = t('SQL Error in %b.sql', array('%b' => $this.block_name));
$short = t('SQL Error in %b.sql', array('%b' => $this->block_name));
$this->error($short, $text);
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