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<h2>Report fields</h2>
<h2>Report fields (token replacement)</h2>
<p>Each field in the report is referenced by an xpath expression
enclosed by curly braces. In its simplest form the xpath xpression can
enclosed by curly braces (e.g. {code}). In its simplest form the xpath xpression can
be thought of as the name of the field in the database, but when using
more complex data sources, there is a lot that can be done using this
The following shows a typical section of a report that illustrates
database fields in a report template from the
In the head section of the .frx file, you will find a series of
frx:field elements that define special formatting rules for each of the
report fields referenced in the .frx file.
<h3>Data Contexts</h3>
In the head section of the .frx file, you will find a series of
frx namespaced elements that define special formatting rules.
Reports from other section of a report may be used by referencing other data contexts by their
id. For example, if you place an id attribuute on the tag that you place an frx:foreach attribute on
(e.g id='state' frx:foreach='*') then you can reference any data element in that data context using the
a context by that id (e.g. {}).
<h3>Custom Contexts</h3>
Modules may provide their own custom data contexts either by adding them in a hook_forena_parmaters_alter
implementation or by implementing a custom context class of their own.
<h3>FrxReport Contexts</h3>
Forena provides a custom FrxReport context that allows you to embed reports easily. For example, the
sample report (Simple Table of States) may be embedded in another report simply by including
{FrxReport.sample.states} anywhere in a report. It is important to understand that the data from
the current context will be used as parameters to the report when this context is used.
<h2>Other frx Attributes</h2>
<h2>Frx Attributes</h2>
<p id="parameters_attr">
<strong>frx:parameters</strong> when used in conjunction with the
frx:block attribute overrides the parameters provided to the block that
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